Dave Thomas has been entertaining fans since he joined his first band "The Coachmen" in 1965. After high school he joined the international touring group "Up With People" and traveled extensively through the U.S., Italy and Germany. After leaving that group and a very short stint in college, Dave began performing solo. He has continued his solo career, with a few partners and bands thrown in, right up to the present day except for a brief 10 year hiatus. His writing career was jump started again in 2008 with a trip to the Kerrville Folk Festival and the Music Fest in Steamboat, Colorado, resulting in the songs "Welcome Home" and "Steamboat". The YouTube video of his song, Wal-Martians, has had over 7,000,000 views. Besides his solo performances, Dave also travels with his band to bigger venues.

For a good time, call on Dave!